Best to stay away from CDL.

Do you want to submit body fluid samples for a federal driving license?
Or to be subject to warrantless search and seizure?
Or even to play "ve haff need of your papers, bitte" at every permanent or
temporary weigh station?

It's kind of like getting a pilot's license, but worse, because it's
"commercial", without the freedom of flight.


And, to be completely legal, you have to follow hours of operation and logs when you drive your car or pickup, or motorcycle. If you met up with a real Hochstetter, they could get you for not following the rules on your riding lawnmower or tractor in a field.

The regs are not limited to "commercial" vehicles.

Lets say you have a camper or motorhome and you have a CDL. The regs apply when you drive the motor home too, and it is subject to the same regs as a semi because you have a CDL. If they want to fine you to meet their quotas, they will, even if they have to break a light to be able to collect a fine.

The bluejackets can get you anywhere, anytime, for anything. (in this region DOT "Enforcers" are called bluejackets as opposed to the state peetrol who wear brown.) (there official name is DOT Enforcement, so they literally are "Enforcers." They are in business for the same reason as mafia enforcers. They are there to collect money by extortion, shakedown, "protection" or whatever they want to call it.


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