Further to this I'll note not only will you need to replace the engine wiring, it is also likely you'll replace the throttle actuators (two) which have prices as much as $3000+ each, depending of course who can acquire the parts for you. In reading on another list it has been notice that replacement actuators after oh about 96 have different coloured wiring, leading one to believe perhaps the wiring or part supplier changed things to the better. If said vehicle has any cracked wiring instantly subtract $8K?

Lastly I'll note that some folks have discovered that right behind the engine is a plastic water distribution device (dual mono- valves?). That has a tendency now to crack (age/heat) and dump all the coolant. It is a bit ugly to access for replacement, kind of stick on engine, put engine in car, what you to remove it later? Why is that firewall in the way.

In general you want to pay a bit extra for a 98 or 99, and ask about the evap and wiring.

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Marshall and John - Thanks for the help. I'll continue with the numerous repitions, and try to get at that switch, and only consider VERY well priced
140's or those with reworked wiring.
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