i know a fair bit about the DOT

it's    quite complicated, sort of like the FAA (the dot is not happy until you 
are not happy)

to drive my isuzu npr (about 12,000 gross) i have to have a dot number and a 
dot program

i have to have a dot medical (like the faa) every 2 years …. $45 at a 
chiropractor (who actually did a thorough job and checked everything)

only fluid taken was urine checked for diabetes

but since i am under 26,500 or whatever the max non CDL is, i do not have to 
have a drug program (no testing) and i can drive on a car license

i have to keep logs etc and i have 3 notebooks of BS (mostly printed out forms 
from the dot site and manuals)

i have to do annual and driver inspections etc

i just make sure i am in order when i go out on the interstates and have to go 
to weigh stations

all this is for just me driving one truck

and it does't matter if i claim i am driving NOT for business … it all still 

there are some farm exemptions and for carrying BEES

i have to pay an interstate tax or something of $75 per year

i had a dot guy come and do a safety inspection (at my office) … that means 
look at my paperwork

he was a nice good old boy and gave me a gold star …. he said it was pretty 

It took me probably 20 hours to get it all together and looking right

i used to have a CDL when it was a class 5 or something in georgia but never 
used it, so let it lapse

i'm actually thinking about getting an RV and towing machines behind that and 
dot would probably not bother me

i am not subject to the DOT regs when driving a car or motorcycle etc

xx rick
Rick Hawkins

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