Sounds like it would be much simpler and cheaper to just keep the dream and
not mess it up with reality.  Perhaps I'll find a nice 300SDL or just put
some more $ into EM.

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My understanding was that it was never fixed. The alternate fix was to
install an evap from a e-class and a baffle to fill in the gap because the e
class evap isn't as wide.
However the internet is full of stories about evaps being replaced 3 or 4
times in the 90s, so I'm not sure when the alternate fix was put into place.

On 30-Jan-06, at 2:20 PM, Desert Rat wrote:

> Speaking of evaporator failures, wonder if anyone knows when MB 
> recognized the error of their ways and reinforced this weak link? Was 
> it 96 or so?
> Which also leads to the thought that perhaps the early 92 and up 
> replacements were not reinforced?
> Thanks

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