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> And, to be completely legal, you have to follow hours of operation 
> and logs when you drive your car or pickup, or motorcycle.  If you 
> met up with a real Hochstetter, they could get you for not following 
> the rules on your riding lawnmower or tractor in a field.
> The regs are not limited to "commercial" vehicles.
> Lets say you have a camper or motorhome and you have a CDL.  The regs 
> apply when you drive the motor home too, and it is subject to the 
> same regs as a semi because you have a CDL.

What you say is not true. I don't know if it ever was, but it definitely
is not now.

In fact, the opposite is true. The latest revision of the "Interstate
Truck Driver's Guide to Hours of Service," was published by the Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in February 2013 to help
explain their regulations. On page two, it discusses "Personal Use of a
Commercial Motor Vehicle" saying,

       It is possible that occasionally you may not use a truck
       in commerce at all. You may be moving your personal
       belongings to a new house or, as a hobby, you may be taking
       your horses to a horse show. As long as the activity is not
       in support of a business, the Federal hours-of-service
       regulations do not apply to you.

       If you are not operating your truck in commerce, you are
       not subject to the hours-of-service regulations.

The hours-of-service regulations do not apply to anyone using a personal
vehicle, even if he has a CDL. Reading 49 CFR Part 395 would be very
helpful in correcting your mistaken ideas.



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