Might be. I have not run into them wielding weapons upon the cars. they show up with a bag of tools that seems adequate, even if it is the cheap $20 FAPS chinese kit

On Sunday, January 29, 2006, at 04:16 PM, Zeitgeist wrote:

Heh heh heh, turns out it's not the ethnic groups Clay thought were
destroying the cars in the PnP's before he showed up, it's the
Romanians.  The ever pragmatic Romanians just use whatever tools
they've got available at the moment, so it's all been a big

On 1/29/06, Dave M. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hey Kaleb, maybe you can hire this guy to do the body work on the cars
that follow you home! Click link in first post:


Sure wish I could understand whatever language they're speaking. BTW-
I believe MSRP on that Maybach is somewhere in the mid six figures.

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