Neutral safety switch?  That switch lives in a dirty environment.  Have you
tried it in neureal?

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> The 300d (76) has been sitting for a while.  I seem to have killed the
> from the key to the starter.  The glow circuit seems to work, the key
turns and
> lights up the dash bulbs as normal, but when I turn the key to engage the
> starter, Nothing.
> I have been removing wires from the door and other non-essential(?) items.
> Thinks like AC and window, sun roof.  The window wiring went out the
> to a box (passenger side) that had fuses and wiring block, but also an
> pig tail that went under the fuse to a relay? with four wires.  A heavy
red, a
> heavy black and standard ground (brown) and another wire.  I was messing
> with this bunch just prior to the no start.
> What I need to do is divest as much as I can from the key and put it all
on dash
> switches.  I need a kill switch, glow, ignition, start, and want the
lights divorced
> from the spin dial.  Any tips?
> clay
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