I didn't  know my "eyes were burning."   Why didn't the goobermnt warn me?

Andrew sez: So-called "natural pollution" wouldn't be burning your eyes if not for dramatically hotter and drier weather, exacerbated by human activity (burning fossil fuels). Why is this so difficult for you to understand?

On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 8:24 AM, Curly McLain via Mercedes <<mailto:mercedes@okiebenz.com>mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:

The sun was brilliant yesterday in the morning. by 10 am it was hazy. By 5 pm it was dark as dusk with smoke. All this from one suburban!!

The sky is falling! the sun has burned out! Oh The pollution! Oh The Humanity!

no more global warming!  the ice age is coming!




Well, actually it is smoke from forest fars in Canyada.

But the point is that natural pollution far exceeds the total accumulation of all "manmade" pollution. Volcanoes, forest fars etc create massive pollution, and generally within hours, the earf's regenerative powers (trees) have mitigated the pollution.

For yesterday, I was happy for the sun being obscured so I didn't get sunburned. I hope the fars and winds are the same today so the sun is still obscured.

Have a good day! I am off to drive another 60 miles on my tractor. 1950 style!


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