Pointing out the law to the ges tapo is a good way to make it worse. When they start "interpreting" stuff into the "law" that isn't there, the only thing that works is "yes Sir. How much is the fine? Where do I pay" Arguing with them is futile and only will make things even worse for you.

Their position is "if it looks like a truck, it is commercial." THey really don't car if you are hauling your own clothing or your antique car. They can and will say that is commercial.


this reg is new to me

It is possible that occasionally you may not use a truck
      in commerce at all. You may be moving your personal
      belongings to a new house or, as a hobby, you may be taking
      your horses to a horse show. As long as the activity is not
      in support of a business, the Federal hours-of-service
      regulations do not apply to you.

HOWEVER in the same section they discuss driving an empty truck and the fact that even if you are not hauling you are still commercial

I'd hate to try to convince the DOT guy that i was using my commercial truck recreationally Š

The DOT guy is going to say you are commercial.

i've done lots of jobs where i was moving people's personal effects which could even include a printing press.


xx rick
Rick Hawkins


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