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> Folks,
> this reg is new to me
> It is possible that occasionally you may not use a truck
>       in commerce at all. You may be moving your personal
>       belongings to a new house or, as a hobby, you may be taking
>       your horses to a horse show. As long as the activity is not
>       in support of a business, the Federal hours-of-service
>       regulations do not apply to you.

The latest version of the document I quoted is at
www.fmcsa.dot.gov/ sites/ fmcsa.dot.gov/ files/ docs/

I found the citation in 49 CFR Part 395 earlier today, but I cannot seem
to find it now.

> I'd hate to try to convince the DOT guy that i was using my commercial
> truck recreationally …
> The DOT guy is going to say you are commercial.
>  i've done lots of jobs where i was moving people's personal effects
> which could even include a printing press.

But the paragraph above says, "moving YOUR PERSONAL belongings ..."



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