Hey folks, my brother has decided to part with his older Mercs -- one is a 1976 300D in running condition, recently rebuilt engine and working transmission, but very rusty (no floor pans, again). Home made seat covers up front, worn factory in the rear. Restorable if you want to put the time and money in, runs great. He's asking $600 for it, I think.

The other is a 1985 300D, big hit on the front, crushed grill, hood bad, radiator and condenser gone, right headlight and fender gone. Nephew ran into a Jeep with it. Bumper looks OK, but we've not measured. Restorable, probably, if you want to do the work. Good engine and transmission, was running great when the nephew wrecked it. Good interior, very nice car. He wants $800 for this one.

No parts, he want's the cars gone.

Let me know if you are interested.


Sad, but thanks for letting us know.


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