Name three things that each of these unknowns have done to save money, assure our rights under the Constitution, Enforce the sovereignty, or curtail the continuing intrusion of the out of control goobermnt into the lives if citizens WHO PAY THE BILLS!

MD Senators Cardin and Mikulski are awesome.  So are Sen. Markey in MA and
Whitehouse in RI.  The list goes on.  Don't be such a cynic.

On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 4:18 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes <> wrote:

 Really? Who?
 They're all idiots Andrew, don't be blinded by ideology. They work hard
 for their little pet projects and to keep from ever having to do any real
 actual work, then retire to write a book or go on a speaking tour. Not one
 of them is up to the standard of digging ditches. Either party, any state...


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