I'm not planning on voting for Hillary, Roger. I'm waiting to see how the 
primaries turn out. Since the Supremes have let nearly anyone or any 
corporation worldwide contribute to U.S. political campaigns, it's hard to even 
guess what the effect will be. 
Since Bush has built the largest war chest, he's probably going to be the 
Republican candidate, but that's no certainty under the present circumstances. 
I'm not planning on voting for Trump or Christie either. That was TIC BS. [:o)

> Gerry, 
>      I think you have it backwards.  Bill was/is actually Hillary's sock 
> puppet.  How many did she have killed over White Water, last count was around 
> 50.  And Foster killing himself and Hillary ending up with his personal 
> files.  Pleeeeeease!!!   Hillary is a dangerous, maniacal, power hungry 
> person.  Remember, Bill was a mess as governor, Hillary slapped him around, 
> and he was back as governor....doesn't speak well for the intellect of the 
> Ark. folks, but that's another story for another day. 
>      Anyway, Bernie is just a typical Democrat distraction to make voters 
> think that there is actually independent thought and competition in the 
> Democratic Party.  Remember, Democrats share the "Borg" brain so they can't 
> really act independent...I remember when there were actual, real moderate and 
> conservative Democrats.  But then, I also remember when there were actual, 
> real moderate and conservative Republicans...now just RINOS. 
>       You may disagree and that's good.  Keeps us from acting like the "Borg" 
> as well. 
> >>>>>Hillary is just Bills sock puppet. A Hillary presidency will be another 
> >>>>>classic Bill Clinton presidency. (Bill misses his Monicas.) 
> Gerry 
> >>>>> 


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