Curt wrote:
> ...Lets face it, being president is a crap job. Instead we need to focus on 
> the "service" part of government service...

The beauty of the failure is that "service" is no longer something we
want.  Understand sipseystreet - the reality of corruption in this
system is that we don't want any type of "service."  Not even

Besides, look at what you said.  One person here or there in the gov't
"service" sectors ain't a hill'o beans toward any solution.  The
"service" people have rights too!  You can't discriminate, not even
for the sake of nation saving.  Nobody, realize, nobody wants this to
suceed, nobody.  Nobody will give anything - we merely want to take -
"service."  All for me, none for you - i.e. income disparity,
education, "services" , military escapades, global climate change.


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