David Brodbeck wrote:
> GM cars of that era are kind of weird.  They either fly apart before
> 100,000 miles, or keep running long after you wish they would fly apart
> so you could feel justified in getting something else. ;)

I just got the Day One report. This particular heap has a functioning
cruise control, and is still reading almost 3/4 tank at 208 miles.
Nephew loves the thing. It's ugly, but mechanically solid and the
interior looks very good for 108,000 miles and 18 years. Power
driver's seat still works in all directions. Valuable feature
in a 1000 mile per week commuter. I had thought of buying him
that $500 240D in Columbus, but it would have been a pain if
I drove 300 miles to find out I couldn't make the 240D go over

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