The last coupla days I have popped several squirrels that were getting all the squirrel seed my wife puts out for the birds. I think I got 5 or 6, some of them ran off after getting hit but I think they probably did not live long. There are 2 or 3 more around that ran off before I could get them.

They learn pretty quickly but I think this must have been a recent wave as they were not yet afraid of me or the pellet gun. If I got most of them there might be more moving in to fill the niche.

I zeroed in the scope of the pellet gun and put some bike lube in the barrel, that thing cracks like a .22 now when I fire it, and I can put a group into a quarter-sized circle at 50ft or so. I got one squirrel that was way up in a tree maybe 30ft or so, knocked it out and it thunked but got up and ran off. Another one made it up about that high before succumbing and dropped down.

I leave them out there, most of them disappear over night, I guess raccoons or possums or something gets them.


On 7/2/15 1:48 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes wrote:
That reminds me, I need to glue some walnuts onto my chipmunk traps. Little 
bastards are digging holes all over my yard, time to trim the population a 


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