For the past two years Frosch has had issues with misfires.  I took it to one 
shop because of a club event deal.  Those bozos screwed the car up because they 
were not qualified to work on a Djet system.  They claimed to have adjusted it 
the best they could and made it run.  

They did a crap job and misadjusted the systems to the point that the car 
ceased to be drivable by the end of last summer.  The thing was just popping 
and puttering with no power at all.  To get it to actually move, I had to work 
the go pedal like a treadle sewing machine.  Top speed was all of 10mph.  She 
was a dog and so got parked until this week.  I got enough spare cash to take 
it to my indy.

The past year I collected a spare computer, MAP, and rebuilt a set of trigger 
points, two spare dizzys and a bunch of untested injectors.  I dropped the 
stuff off with the car Fridayay and waited for news.  I got a message that 
injector #2 was bad but the used ones were not the preferred resolution.  I got 
a new injector, but that did not make it better.  Fresh plugs were also not a 
good fix.  The rebuild of the trigger points was also less than ideal.  I 
dropped by the shop yesterday to see how it was going.  Indy had me take the 
car for a drive.  The fresh injector and adjusting fuel to rich made it a 
little better, but did not solve the misfire.  The sort of last option was to 
go with all new injectors.  $2500 to get fuel moving right.   I agreed to the 
solution if he thought it would do the trick.  He was reticent but wanted to 
try one last thing.

I got a call this afternoon that I needed to call the shop.  It did not sound 
like good news.  No information as to why.

I was taking the w140 out for a wash, so dropped by to see what the issue was.  
I got out of the car and the look of grief on my indy's face was not inspiring. 
 Neither was his attitude.  I was ordered to get in the car and drive it.  He 
tells me even with the new injectors it now runs worse than it had just 24 
hours prior. I guess  the look on my face showed exactly what I felt inside.  
Massive Whiskey tango, "what do you mean I have stage three cancer, Doc?"  But, 
I got in and fired her up.  Backing out of the lot, she gave a definite, but 
delicate poot poot, miss.  Traffic was too thick to get her on the highway for 
a test, so I just took her around a few blocks to see how bad it was.  I could 
not tell if the missing was really noticeable or more pronounced than it had 
been Wednesday.  Power seemed better and the skipping was not at all what she 
had done before.  Maybe the new injectors were delivering fuel far better than 
the one in the car and that was enough to have her running
  fine.  Wednesday, it was as if one or more plugs were dead.

I pull up to the shop and tell him that I think it is running much better than 
before.  The Sh*t eating grin I get back confused me.  Turns out I do not have 
all new injectors.  I have a 42 year old car.  The emissions system was 
screwing up things, on top of the 20* advance the other shop did, poor 
selection of plugs they added, garbage Bosch wires that did not really fit, so 
#7 was not firing, and the fixed trigger points were wonky.  Indy pulled the 
vacuum stuff to the relays and dizzy then timed it properly to 5* retarded, 
cleaned the original trigger points (there was oil) and put them back in. Dried 
the dizzy cap and a twist and twiddle to make it all good and I have a car to 
drive in the heat this holiday weekend.

She ain't perfect, but she runs well now and will be getting fresh wires and 
the oil pressure looked at on another visit.  I was sworn to only take Frosch 
to his shop, as he did not want to fix other folks screw ups, and we are only 
going to use new parts that he will stand behind.  Sound good to me. 


2002 s430 - Victor, a Stately & well tailored chap
1974 450sl -  Frosch - Two tone green
1976 300D - Blei Vanst - it looks silvery
1972 220D - Gump - She was green, simple and ran
1995 E300D - Gave her life to save me against a Dame in a SUV
POS 1987 SDL - Beware Nigerian Scammers


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