Nope.  It goes back to 2000, I believe.

Contact this guy via email and ask him:

His name is Keith Valentine, and he is the guru of MB factory cell phones and 
retrofits.  He lives in the next town over from B1 (Bill Wachsmuth) in the 
mountains east of LA.  He is very helpful and really knows the ins and outs of 
doing this, as well as having a boatload of the parts necessary.  He’s been a 
cell phone guy since the days of analog phones in the W140 chassis cars, so he 
knows MBs well.

While I was able to source most of the major components on eBay for a minimal 
amount of cash, there were a few items such as the voice control lever and most 
importantly the fiber cable necessary to connect everything that were NLA from 
MB and near impossible to find in the aftermarket or P&P.

Keith took an inventory of what I had and filled in the gaps, boxed and packed 
it up and had it to me in a couple of days.  When I got it he insisted that I 
call him to review the documentation that he put in with the parts so I knew 
what I was doing.  I had already studied the MB bulletin for retrofitting he 
phone for my model year in great detail, but he certainly filled in some gaps I 
had as far as how things worked and where everything fit.

Depending on what PSE module you have, it’s possible that all you need is the 
Bluetooth “puck” and nothing more.  Keith can tell you for sure and even sell 
you a puck if you want one.

Let me know if you have any questions.


> On Jul 3, 2015, at 4:15 PM, clay via Mercedes <> wrote:
> I will need to look into that.  I was under the impression that the older 
> w220 was not blessed with access to the puck, only the newer (2003-05) had 
> that ability
> clay


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