Parts needed:
Quart bottle of favorite gear lube
2 ft. of 5/16" or 3/8" copper tubing
1 "through-the-firewall" type grommet
Sharp drill bit of slightly less than the diameter necessary to fit the inside 
diameter of the groove in the grommet
Cheap coil type tubing bender to fit the copper tubing
Tapered reamer of size sufficient to ream out hole
Sharpie marker

Drill hole in screw top of gear lube bottle
Trim off burrs left by drill with file or knife
Fit grommet to hole using tapered reamer if necessary. You want a tight fit but 
no distortion of inside diameter of grommet
Cut "bottom of tube at 45 degree angle and file off sharp edges
Remove grommet and slip over copper tube
Put tube and grommet in screw top lid of grease bottle
If too tight, slightly enlarge with reamer
Push copper tube down into a narrow side of bottle (use empty bottle if 
Slip tube bender over protruding copper tube
Get under car and estimate how much curve you will need for tube to go into 
fill hole on differential at slight downward angle, and how much excess tube 
needs to be cut off. Mark bender at proper length of tubing (Sharpie).
Bend tubing and remove tubing bender. Transfer mark on tubing bender to tubing. 
Cut off excess tubing at mark you have made.
Check tubing for bits of copper and sharp edges.
Screw cap/tubing into bottle of grease, stick tubing in differential, squeeze 
bottle gently at first since grease can come out fast depending on size of 
If curve on tubing is not quite right, slide tubing bender back on and correct 
Slip piece of plugged rubber fuel tubing over end of copper tube to keep it 
I've had two of these for many years; one for diffs, and the other for manual 
Sometimes you don't get a tight fit the first time and have to do it over, but 
the parts are cheap and it's a useful maintainence-free tool.

clay wrote:
> I got a bottle of Castrol that came with a pump do-hickey so you just screw 
> on the pump to a fresh bottle and feed the hose into the fill hole.  Pump 
> away until you cramp up and stop when the goo begins to seep out the fill 
> hole.  This, after spilling more than I filled on a few previous cars.  I got 
> it for Frosch three years ago.
> clay
> > If I did differentials enough I would - that’s a great idea!  I’ve already 
> > got one garden sprayer set up as a brake system speed bleeder.  While it’s 
> > really handy when I need it, it takes up a lot of storage space.
> > Dan
> > 
Rick Knoble wrote:
> >> 1. Buy a garden sprayer.
> >> 2. Cut the nozzle off.  
> >> 3. Fill with gear lube. 
> >> 4. Pressurize sprayer. 
> >> ‎5. Squeeze trigger.
> >> 6. Fill differential.
> >> 7. Clean up. 
> >> Rick 


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