Hey Max you must be over in Yurp!

Friends have a pair of these Asian tiger or leopard cats or something, they are half house cat and half wild whatevers from Malaysia or some place, and look sorta spotted leopardish. Anyway, they are wicked smart and are actually fairly tolerable and quite engaging. They do various tricks and pick up on things quite quickly, and will obey commands to go fetch toys and what not.


On 7/5/15 9:01 PM, Max Dillon via Mercedes wrote:
Yes, my wife brought an Italian speaking cat to our marriage.  "Scopa", which  
means broom, would immediately cause the cat to run for cover.  My mother-in-law used a 
broom to administer correction; brandishing a broom would have an even greater effect.

Once we went to Wisconsin to visit my mother, and for some reason we had taken 
the cat.  One evening the cat got into the attached garage, got scared and 
climbed up into the rafters, well out of reach.  No amount of calling, 
pleading, or cat food would coax her down.

I had SWMBO stand at the door leading to the house and call the cat.  I found a broom, 
yelled "Scopa!" and charged.  This produced the desired response, as Cat 
rapidly exited the garage back into the house.

My wife would sometimes curse the cat in Italian, which I'm sure she also 
understood quite well.


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