True Leopard cats (from Asia and parts of Indonesia) are protected by law and 
cannot be brought into the US. They’re probably hybrids, which are known as 
Bengals.  Bengals are the result of outbreeding between a Leopard and a 
domestic cat, and until you’ve outbred to the F4 (fourth filial generation) 
you’re going to have a cat with a lot of feral characteristics.

I knew a guy here in Tampa who had two of these, one was an F2 and the other an 
F3.  The reason I knew him was because a breeder recommended me to him for some 
behavioral advice, not realizing that the guy had F2 and F3 cats.  Had the 
breeder known it at the time he would have been told, “Good day!” and left to 
fare for himself.

These cats were truly feral.  I’ve never seen anything like it before in my 
life.  They completely destroyed a really high end apartment this guy owned.  
When I went to visit, I was totally stunned at the damage they had inflicted on 
the place, and worse yet, how they were the farthest thing from a pet (cat) 
I’ve ever seen in my life.  Unapproachable, aggressive and really, really 
dangerous, I thought.

I told him to find a refuge for them and that he was an idiot for getting them 
in the first place.  He thought it would be “cool” to have a couple of wild 
cats in his apartment.  He obviously did no research prior to buying them, and 
they weren’t cheap.  It appeared to me that this was some doofus who had more 
money than brains.  I asked him about licensing and he said the guy who he 
bought them from, “Never said anything about needing a license."

I reported him to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife people the next day along with 
alerting a local refuge, Big Cat Rescue.

I’m amazed the guy was alive.


> On Jul 5, 2015, at 3:44 PM, Rich Thomas via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> Hey Max you must be over in Yurp!
> Friends have a pair of these Asian tiger or leopard cats or something, they 
> are half house cat and half wild whatevers from Malaysia or some place, and 
> look sorta spotted leopardish.  Anyway, they are wicked smart and are 
> actually fairly tolerable and quite engaging.  They do various tricks and 
> pick up on things quite quickly, and will obey commands to go fetch toys and 
> what not.
> --R


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