‎Dan writes :

>I realize I'm preaching to the >choir, but it just amazes me when >people put 
>up ads for stuff like >this that purportedly only need a >$30 part to make 
>things work, yet >they can't find the motivation to >do it.

Most people who don't deal with chronic procrastination on a daily basis 
wouldn't understand it. My 300CD sat for six years before I was forced to put 
the sway bar in. It took all of about four hours... It has been speculated that 
approximately 20% of the population suffers from CHRONIC procrastination. 
Everyone puts things off, but someone who is a chronic procrastinator puts 
nearly everything off. I suspect hoarding, clutter, depression, and 
procrastination sometimes go together. 
‎At 20%, I am probably not the only one here who procrastinates. 

Yes, I have faults...


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