Or, web cam and existing fone or ipad...

I have an older wifi cam and wanted to see if I could get it working with a cheap tablet of some sort as a remote viewer. The cam had some sort of windows software that I never used, but I could see it with VLC on my Mac after putting in some sort of weird script, but a VLC upgrade would not see it any more. I found an earlier version and installed that and it worked again, but then I got a new router with my Uverse install, and it wouldn't see it anymore though it was still visible on the network. I sorta gave up on fooling with it at that point.

Now I am wondering if I could use a cheap tablet as a monitor for it, somehow. I have an old Android phone and an old ifone too, there is a VLC app for the phones and ipad, so I am wondering if that might work somehow. If I could get it working then I could buy one of those $50 tablets and have a continuous monitor. THere might be some other apps too, I have not looked into it.

Or should I just buy one of these and use it and not fool with the other one? Or will the same s/w work with the old one I have?





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