Dan writes:
> Is this procrastination or just avoidance?
> <snip of physically painful job>
> Or am I arguing semantics?

Semantics. Procrastination IS task avoidance, or
doing something more pleasurable (less painful),
instead of a task that is more important (or urgent). When the pain
of avoidance overcomes the perceived pain of the task,
the task will get completed. Simple explanation, I know.

Trust me, most folks on this list (including you) are NOT chronic 
I read some of the write ups of work being done, and I am in awe.
We have not one, but two guys here that have done W124 evaporators, and both
have the same physically incapacitating illness. I read of such things, and I 
am inspired
to do more myself. 

Who is about to put dye in two beater cars a/c systems and find the leaks...

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