My truck AC probably has bad seals from sitting unused for some time before I retrieved it. It was OK for a few years then just started leaking down, got to where it was leaking down within a day of a charge. I don't know if it is the compressor or fittings or what, and don't want to try that dye as I think it buggered the compressor in the 300SD that had been converted to 134, and was starting to leak down too -- I never saw any dye come out of it so not sure where the leak was. I am wondering if I should try this stuff, maybe give the dye a try, or just take it to a shop and let them sort it out, or get a set of rings and try to replace them all, or what.

My 2000 Suburban is starting to leak down now too, 220kmi, the compressor (bearings probably) has been whining for a few years now so I wonder if the seals are going bad in it along with the bearings. Not sure I want to put a lot into it, so kinda the same dilemma.

Any thoughts?


On 7/6/15 6:27 PM, Dan Penoff via Mercedes wrote:
Here’s a link to the majik AC 


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