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> "I was amazed when my 1200 watt ($99) quasi-sine inverter on the Prius 12v
> battery would start and RUN a cheap $89 window AC unit (5000 BTU).
> The measured load when running was only about 700W.  And it has been shown
> that one can draw up to about 800W continuous from the Prius 12v system
> without any consequences.  
A member ran this way for a week on a (13 gal) tank..
> not sure if the load was continuous, but his study showed the fuel
> consumption was about the same as for a good Honda generator, and I think
> that was about 4 kWh per gallon.  Hummh.  At 700W times 12 hours that
> would be around 2 gallons."


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