> On Jul 6, 2015 1:41 PM, "Rich Thomas via Mercedes" <mercedes@okiebenz.com>
> >
> > Or, web cam and existing fone or ipad...
> >
> > Now I am wondering if I could use a cheap tablet as a monitor for it,
somehow.  I have an old Android phone and an old ifone too, there is a VLC
app for the phones and ipad, so I am wondering if that might work somehow.
If I could get it working then I could buy one of those $50 tablets and
have a continuous monitor.  THere might be some other apps too, I have not
looked into it.

I have an application called TinyCam (Android) that does this, no idea
whether it will support your camera.  I have also heard of IP Cam and Quick
Cam (I think).  There are another hundred of these apps in the store, many
of them hardware specific, if the generic ones don't work.  I assume the
Apple store is similarly blessed with options.

I would not bother with VLC for this use, at least on Android.  I expect
one of the aforementioned apps will work more conveniently.


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