Rich wrote:
> What voltage does the Pious battery pack run at?

G: 288v

  Would it be possible 
> to tap an inverter straight into it?

G: There has been a recent discussion about that possibility but I haven't been 
following it. I vaguely remember the major problem was that the AC current 
produced by the main inverter that runs the traction motor, water pump, and air 
conditioner; (there are no belts); is that it is three phase. They also 
discussed tapping straight off the battery to a separate inverter but ran into 
potential problems with that approach as well. 

  Do those packs go bad or wear down 
> after a time? 

G: they are warranted for 150,000 miles or ten years if purchased in 
California, Pennsylvania, and several other states. The rest are warranted for 
100,000 miles or 8 years. DIYers often take the batteries apart and test the 
individual modules; replacing the bad ones with good modules from the junkyards 
or buying new modules for $45. There aren't a lot of modules.
Rebuilt batteries are about $1700; new about $3000. Most last beyond the 
warrantee period under normal use.

 Buy a used one for cheepcheep and turn it into a rolling 
> emerg system?  I have read that some guys mod them for charging from the 
> mains, that would make it easy to keep topped off with mains or solar or 
> whatever power source, in addition to gasoline.

G: Go to and type in "output of prius generator". There are 
several articles there by people who did just that.

Note: The inverter that changes battery DC to 3 phase AC is enclosed in a large 
module that has it's own liquid cooling system. I wonder if an inverter 
handling the high output of a Prius generator feeding a house would also need a 
liquid cooling system?

"Prius_Technical_Stuff" on Yahoogroups ( is the group to 
which I belong. is a larger and more generalized group which also has a lot 
of technical info.




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