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>Wierd. How does one not see a >red F150 Supercrew in >daylight???

Canada may be different, but as I explained to both of my sons as they were 
learning to drive;

75% of all drivers on the road right now are distracted. They are

1. Texting/surfing the Web. 
2. Talking on the phone. 
3. Talking/yelling at passengers
4. On medication that impares there judgement and motor skills. 
5. Taking illicit substances that impare them. 
6. Are angry, depressed, or some other emotional state that impares 
7. Fiddling with the radio. 
8. Need their vision corrected, but don't have proper eye wear. 
9. More in tune with the music on the stereo, than the other cars on the road. 
10. Just plain bad drivers. 

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