Calling all genii.My 1987 300TD had an intermittent rev counter(Tachometer) 
that has since died.The signal would cut in and out making the car lurch at 
idle, ~500 rpm to 650 rpm.The signal pickup has 4.5 ac volts at idle and climbs 
when the throttle is increased.The OVP relay has been substituted with a known 
good and a new one, no change.Swapped the KLIMA for a known good one, no 
change. The ECU computer was also tried with a replacement, again, no change, 
still dead.As the intermittent signal supplies both the instrument and the Idle 
speed control, I can only assume that the signal is going missing before the 
common point.Any one have any ideas as to where to look for bad 
connection/broken wire/gremlins/vegas (?) ?Fred.

Fred Moir.Lynn MA.Diesel preferred.                                       

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