No, that one is for diagnostics, specifically setting the injection timing with the dynamic tool.

The one for the idle speed/tach is on the rear of the engine reading off the flywheel.


Interesting. Thanks again. We have a 87 124 300D that has a completely wacko idle. Everything I've tried makes no difference. I think the tach also goes wacky with the idle. But when I unhook the idle speed electric connector on the pump it does the same wacky idle thing. I never thought of looking at the tach/instrument cluster as Dan suggests.

Is there some other connection between the hall effect sensor/tachometer to the throttle or idle speed control that would work with the EDC unhooked? (I think EDC is the book term for the electronic idle speed control plug on the top of the IP.) It sounds like a flakey signal from the sensor would cause this, but I don't understand how it could work with the plug on top of the IP disconnected.

Next time I see the car (probably 6 months) I will look for this sender and connector at the rear.


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