Curly, et all.I'm not a fan of standard butt connectors, they are unsealed and 
prone to holding moisture thus causing hidden corrosion.The heat sealable butt 
connectors seem to work well, may try to use some or not depending on what I 
find.Gee, it's dark and dirty in here.TTFN.

Fred Moir.Lynn MA.Diesel preferred.

> Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 09:35:49 -0500
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> Subject: Re: [MBZ] '87 30TD rev counter.
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> Sounds like someone hacked it or the connector caused problems 
> before.  sounds like cutting out and replacing the butt connectors is 
> the place to begin.
> I like filling shrink tubing with clear silicone seal over the 
> connector, then shrink the tubing to make a watertight (hopefully) 
> repair.  That is how I rig trailer lights.  Never had any trouble 
> related to connectors with that method.  I used to solder all the 
> wire joints on trailers.

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