> Curly wrote:
> I like filling shrink tubing with clear silicone seal over
> the connector, then shrink the tubing to make a watertight
> (hopefully) repair.  That is how I rig trailer lights.
> Never had any trouble related to connectors with that
> method.  I used to solder all the wire joints on trailers.

I prefer using grease.  Like wheel bearing grease.  The RTV
or silicon caulk doesn't seem to do as well - at least it
didn't years ago when I tried using both to seal a video
connection out in the weather.  I used tape, not heat shrink,
and was attempting to weather proof the BNC connector joint.
The grease joint was the only one that survive more than a

I have been using grease to seal power and signal connections
from air and water for quite a few years now, and I haven't
found anything that works better.

A soldered western-union type joint with grease and shrink
tube is my favorite.  Kinda slow, though.


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