My neighbor gave me a fairly nice 10 year old john Deere made Scott mower that 
is a fairly heavy duty model with 54" deck, took care of my need to buy a new 
mower. It was using about a quart of oil an hour. It has a Kohler command 
engine and quick search turns up it had bad head gasket or 2. I ordered the 
head gasket set a while back and tore it down today. The right side was 
leaking/burning for sure. Left side was not. Everything was going nice and 
smooth until I was using torque wrench on last head nut on the 2nd head and 
snap, damn head stud snapped. I don't know if I had the torque wrench set 
wrong, or what. I did pull the head back off and there is these metal collars 
on the base of the studs in that side of the head that sort of hold the gasket 
in a certain position. They were somewhat bent so I'm not sure if it was 
tightened too much bent them, or if the head was not down over them all the way 
or what. I think bottom line I must not have had the torque set right. I 
ordered a s
 tud extractor and new stud but it will be next week before it shows up.

Always something. 

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