They were? Of all the VWs I had I seem to recall a little plastic cover that 
went over them. There were like 8-10 in a row, and a cover the size of a candy 
bar that snapped over them...

MB went to blade type fuses in the facelift on W140 chassis cars between 95 and 
96. Don't know about other models. They also have a heck of a lot of them now, 
too. My W220 has three fuse boxes! The W140s have two, one in front, one in 


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> On Jul 14, 2015, at 6:05 PM, Curly McLain via Mercedes 
> <> wrote:
> BTW, I never found that many blown fuses and never had much problem in MBs  I 
> twist em around sometimes if I think there may be a problem, but I've never 
> replaced good fuses for the fun of it.  A small way I differed from our 
> beloved Herr Doktor.  His climate in PA must have been different than mine.
> On the 56 Karmann GHia, I had fuse problems.  That is where I learned to 
> twist em.  Those were exposed under the hood.    MB fuses in a nice tight 
> fusebox hold up well.
> Did MB ever stop using "German" (DIN?) fuses in favor of the 'merkun type?
>> SWMBO came in from short trip in the '87 300D, leaned over back of chair in 
>> cool living room where I was napping and announced, "Blown fuse in the car.  
>> I was driving along with air conditioning blasting away nicely, and it just 
>> quit.  Don't ya think it's a blown fuse?" 
>> I replied, "Yep; sure hope that's all it is."  'Hobbled out to car thinking 
>> 30 amp blower fuse had blown.  Loosened the two mounting screws thinking the 
>> fuse would fall apart as I removed it, but it did not.   Checked fuses in 
>> fuse box; 'found #7 (for compressor and coupla other things) blown.  Because 
>> of my shaky hands, called SWMBO to help me put blower fuse back in place and 
>> R&R #7.  A/C blowing ice cold again.
>> BTW, I did NOT change ALL the fuses.  ;<)
>> Wilton
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