Youngest son calls this morning. Not usually a good thing at this hour.

Had a Jeep Cherokee cut in front of him, he hit the brakes but still ended up 
hitting them with the front left corner of the car. Jeep bumper smashed 
headlight, crumpled hood and fender, no other damage and car is definitely 
drivable.  That's why we drive these cars, guys.

Boy is perfectly fine, but understandably bummed/pissed.


So now I am faced with the following for a $3,000.00 car with a salvage title:

1.) Find a hood, fender and headlight. Headlight is easy, not sure about hood 
and fender. Gotta call a local recycler to see if they can find anything and 
how much it would be.

2.) Beat the panels out, replace the headlight and turn indicator and let him 
drive it like that.

3.) Retire the car and find something else.

So, anyone know of a decent W140 or maybe an E class, something of that sort? 
How's about a W140 that someone is parting out?

#2 will probably take place in the interim anyway, just so he has wheels.

I've never sourced body parts before, but I'm thinking that something as big as 
a hood is going to be expensive if it's got to be shipped.

Dang it.


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