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Rich wrote:

fmiser wrote:

A 250S (W108?)  with a small block Chevy - is a rat

Randy wrote:

that is what a rat rod is. usually, just junk cobbled
together - no paint etc.
Yeah.  Junk like stuff cobbled together is a rat rod.  The
complete body, including hood and roof, of one car with a
not-so-very-uncommon engine swap does not seem to fit the

The hood and front fenders from the 240S attached to a F-250
pickup frame and a chevy small block - that could be a rat rod.


I have seen them both ways.
Usually, semi gloss or satin black paint, or no paint.
Some are really odd combinations and some are fairly complete original cars just painted black and somewhat junkyard looking. Others have had a whole lot of careful work done to make them look like they are junk when they really are not.

I have some photos of an MB that was offered for sale here that is sort of a rat rod. I will try to remember to post them here.



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