If you short the terminals on the pressure switch the system would turn on *if* 
the charge or pressure was low. Otherwise, disconnecting it would have no 

I guess a pressure switch could fail grounded, but I've never heard of that 


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> On Jul 17, 2015, at 1:21 PM, WILTON via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> What would unplugging the wire on the pressure switch on the dryer isolate?
> BTW, 'replaced KLIMA coupla years ago.
> Wilton
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>> Wilton,
>> I know that pulling the KLIMA relay will disable the AC compressor, that is 
>> located right behind the battery and fairly easy to get to, but may be 
>> pretty tight in the socket.  A firm grip and gentle working while pulling up 
>> should free it.  I don't know if a failing push-button unit would still blow 
>> the fuse if the KLIMA relay were removed.
>> Pulling the plug on the top of the compressor would definitely isolate it, 
>> but that would also remove the compressor speed signal, which means the 
>> KLIMA relay would interrupt the power to the compressor clutch.
>> A common cause of trouble in the AC compressor controls is a failing clutch 
>> that draws too much current.  I'll have to search for a bit to find the 
>> normal amperage.  I'd measure that current next if I were you, or is the 
>> test a resistance test?  Need to start digging...
>> -- 
>> Max Dillon
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>>> On July 17, 2015 11:22:19 AM EDT, WILTON via Mercedes 
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>>> Fan turns freely.


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