> > Wilton wrote:
> > 
> > What would unplugging the wire on the pressure switch on
> > the dryer isolate?

> Dan wrote:
> Nothing.
> If you short the terminals on the pressure switch the
> system would turn on *if* the charge or pressure was low.
> Otherwise, disconnecting it would have no effect.


Isn't the pressure switch in series with the compressor?

With the switch unplugged, the compressor will NOT turn on -
but all the blowers will run.  I don't know what other
sub-systems will work or not - like will the aux fan turn
on.  Unless the KLIMA is involved, on the older systems the
pressure switch is in series with the compressor clutch.
Thus unplugging that switch should isolate the compressor but
let the rest of the system run.

KLIMA and any computer control could make that invalid.


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