archer75--- via Mercedes wrote:
Early 4-matics had problems according to someone on the list.
Daughter has 2006 4-matic, 175K, and no problems.

Using the existing brakes makes for a much more reliable system
than the electronically variable fluid coupled limited slip

The W124 system was complex and needed frequent repair.

The W210 system consisted of three free spool differentials
instead of the usual one free spool found in a 2wd car.
In normal driving, the traction loss lamp starts blinking and the
back end gets a bit 'happy', without any detectable attempt on the
car's part to control the spinning rear wheels. Then I back off the
throttle and things go back to normal.

The one time I got exasperated enough at the stuck car to floor it
in the snow, the electronics took control of the throttle and braked
the spinning wheels. I still didn't go anywhere, the underlying problem
was that the snow packed in front of and under the car outweighed the
car. Took me a couple of hours to dig it out and get it back in its
parking spot. This is what happens when you try to drive the car
with 15-18" of snow in the driveway and 'all season' tires, it only goes
about 50'.



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