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> Soros has a big house in the Hamptons, next door to a friend of a 
> friend, also next door to Roger Waters's house there.  My friend has 
> attended gatherings at which Soros has been, and he always appears with 
> one of his young "nieces."  My buddy and I went to an event in Houston 
> where Soros spoke (sponsored by The Progressive Forum) as my buddy 
> wanted me to get some first-hand exposure to the guy.  It was a 
> fascinating evening hearing him speak in sort of a Q&A format (questions 
> by the moderator then by some audience members).  [BTW way I have met 
> the friend of the friend, who is Czech, and whose family endured the 
> hardships of the Nazis and the commies, and who managed to come to the 
> US, get educated, and make a LOT of money -- he is a very nice guy, very 
> smart, and quite savvy about people.  He consorts with Soros 
> occasionally to see what he is about, and also to keep tabs on what he 
> is up to in his various political and business efforts)
> Soros is completely amoral, which became abundantly apparent from his 
> answers to questions.  One audience member asked him how he came to be 
> like that (might not have actually asked him why we was amoral, but that 
> was the gist of the question) and he related a story:  His father had 
> been captured by the Russians during WW2 and sent to Siberian prison 
> camp.  He managed to escape and over a period of a few months and 
> returned to Budapest (I think it was) where he and George, themselves 
> Jews, started ratting out Jews to the Nazis in exchange for money and 
> whatever.  George said he asked his father what he did to make it back, 
> and the father replied, "Whatever it took" and that was the lesson 
> George used in his own life.
> So, not only was he complicit in the murders of many Jews by the Nazis 
> during the war, he continued/s his amoral practices in his business 
> dealings and in his various "progressive" endeavors.  Soros made on 
> apologies for any of this, in fact seemed somewhat proud of it as he did 
> "whatever it took."
> One other interesting exchange was with a young guy from West Texas who 
> had come to the meeting to see for himself what Soros was about.  He 
> stated this in his question, then asked why Soros was opposed to guns 
> when he had seen what happened to people in the war who could not defend 
> themselves, and who had been subjugated by the Nazis.  Soros started 
> some song and dance about well I'm not really opposed blah blah and the 
> kid just would not let him worm out of it.  The kid sounded like a total 
> West Texas goober but he was quite smart and very tenacious.  At some 
> point he referenced the gun he had in his pocket and I thought a lot of 
> the audience was going to soil their pants right then and there.  This 
> goes back and forth for a few minutes,  the kid had Soros all tied up 
> and basically told him in a very firm and polite way that he was evil 
> and a hypocrite, and the audience was going crazy, a lot of the old 
> hippies yelling at the kid who threw it right back at them.  it was on 
> the verge of getting way out of control and the moderator finally shut 
> everyone up, Soros made a few smartass comments that got the base 
> cheering, but the old hippies were still mouthing off about the 
> gun-totin kid who cleaned Soros mighty well.
> Soros is a truly evil person.
> --R
Is he any different than the highest level Wall Street movers and shakers?
Whether it's Soros or one of them, the methods and the results are the same.
>From what little I've read about him, he's a high stakes gambler in the 
>currency markets who won big, and dabbles in politics.


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