My power booster gave out  on my 1983 240D on my way to our shore  house 
last week; about 30 miles from Ocean City ,NJ. I was on back roads  
fortunately but NOT a fun ride with hardly any brakes & autotrans not  shifting 
due to loss of vacuum. While driving I push doorlock buttons they  worked so 
I knew it wasn't the vacuum pump. I had a power booster  replaced on 
another 240d  so I knew what it was.
  Fortunately I had PNP one 15 years ago from a car that had 79k on it  at 
home . Had a friend bring it down to me and I put it in .  I needed  & 
ordered the O-ring between the master cylinder &  the power booster. Had to 
home to attend to family gathering pick up  O-ring.
I had to order from home [Keenan in Doylestown,Pa]-They got it for me in  
less than 2 days.The dealer at Atlantic City had to get the O-ring from  
California - take 5 days.  What's that about ??
  Anyway I'm heading back down Tues next week to slap on the master  
cylinder & bleed the brakes by myself with my homemade pressure bleeder. So  
hopefully my power booster is good....I'm contacting Potomac just in  
case...........Any of you listers out there  in MB-land have one laying  
around/available  ??
I CHECKED THE FUSES  !!!.................................not   !!
1983  240D - 217K

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