One other interesting exchange was with a young guy from West Texas who had come to the meeting to see for himself what Soros was about. He stated this in his question, then asked why Soros was opposed to guns when he had seen what happened to people in the war who could not defend themselves, and who had been subjugated by the Nazis. Soros started some song and dance about well I'm not really opposed blah blah and the kid just would not let him worm out of it. The kid sounded like a total West Texas goober but he was quite smart and very tenacious. At some point he referenced the gun he had in his pocket and I thought a lot of the audience was going to soil their pants right then and there. This goes back and forth for a few minutes, the kid had Soros all tied up and basically told him in a very firm and polite way that he was evil and a hypocrite, and the audience was going crazy, a lot of the old hippies yelling at the kid who threw it right back at them. it was on the verge of getting way out of control and the moderator finally shut everyone up, Soros made a few smartass comments that got the base cheering, but the old hippies were still mouthing off about the gun-totin kid who cleaned Soros mighty well.

Soros is a truly evil person.


Is there video or audio of that exchange?  It sounds delightful.


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