This is for the Japanee compressor?  I assume not for the GM in the 123s?

Here's the troubleshooting info for the clutch coil, either read ohms or
amps depending on your test equipment.  This was copied from the MBCA
forums before they effectively killed it.  I met Bob Goodwin a few times,
retired Navy and a great guy.

"There is one thing that I don't believe is covered as well as it should be
and that is the clutch coil. Yes, the clutch coil. Famous for burning out,
shorting out or just frying a few windings. Not enough to blow the fuse but
plenty to disrupt the speed comparator and shut off the compressor
permanently or intermittently.

Of all the troubleshooting steps, checking the compressor clutch coil is
cheap and relatively easy. Measure current with a clamp on amp meter.
Reading should be 3.75 A hot or 4.2 A cold. Resistance should be approx 3.5
ohms hot or 3.1 ohms cold.

Everytime I chased an elusive A/C compressor problem in a Mercedes, it
turned out to be a bad clutch. I don't spend near as much on A/C parts

Robert Goodwin

Virginia Beach, Virginia
'87 300SDL
'95 E300D


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