The official NCAA report. Yes, Mary W. I don't think she has any interest in any association with them any more. The SIL was strung along for a long time, lied to, and left swinging in the breeze too. She has moved on too. All those big programs are just big business, and care nothing about any of the employees, including the players who are unmercifully exploited. She has so many stories of these young men coming there to play football who were literate at maybe the 3rd grade level, no concept whatsoever of "college." One of them was actually brain-damaged, had sustained some sort of head injury at a young age, was out like a light for 2-3 days, family just left him on the couch until he came to, was never particularly coherent thereafter, but he was a big strong kid and could play football, about all he knew how to do. She took him under her wing, apparently a very sweet young man, and tried to help him but there was not a lot to work with. They use them up and pass them along.


I gave up on big time college sports 40+ years ago for those reasons and similar.... I liked going to WBB with #1 daughter. Real students, almost all in-state, real humble, Cheap tickets, open seating, we could sit right behind the coach and team if we got there 20 min early or so. and, they WON! after the game, they came out to meet their families and talked to anyone who wanted to talk to them or meet them. It was great, and they had record attendance, I think it was NCAA WBB record attendance.

Then the AD raised prices, went to reserved seats and it ruined the whole deal.


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