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> Thanks for the reminder.  In 36 years of driving MB's, I've never used 
> "econ." mode and had forgotten it.
> Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon, I unplugged switch at dryer (easy for
> me to reach), which kept compressor from operating.  'Ran control unit
> on HIGH fan speed for 10 min. or so with fuse holding, then plugged in
> wires at the dryer to allow compressor to run.  Compressor seemed a bit
> noisy and ran three or four minutes BLOWING ICE COLD until fuse blew.
> I'll take it to my A/C guy 5 or 6 blocks away Monday to see what he can
> find.

Good call, Wilton. Also, ATTABOY for your troubleshooting efforts.

> BTW, not only can I not see the connection at the compressor, I can't
> reach it - couple more of those things I used to do so easily.

I think we all are in that boat ...



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