Curt wrote:
> Sadly both Trump and Walker are nuts and exceptionally good at making bad 
> decisions. Trump takes chances and regularly goes bankrupt, can't do that 
> with a country...
> Walker tells people one thing, then does another, ie he sets up labor deals 
> and then breaks them so his corporate buddies can get big kickbacks rather 
> than paying taxes...
> As usual the turdburger and crap sandwich.

Yes, I hear the same stuff, not from FOX.
How does a person find any reality (...maybe truth...?) when the major
info sources are either FOX or progressive?
I have zero tolerance for "science" climate change explanations, but I
don't think there is any path away from status quo even if I did
believe "science."
Neither side has proposals that fit the description "reasonable"
It is either more of the same, or, more of the same.


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