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> wrote:

> I predict an orderly revolt at the ballot box. I further predict, should
> that be perverted by the likes of Soros controlling the vote count, a full
> on revolt by well and truly pissed off American Citizens who, once in
> motion will be slow to cool down..

Revolt at the ballot box?
The same voters who gave 98.6% of their votes to JohnBarack McBama?
The same voters who gave 98.3% of their votes to BarackMittens O'Romney?

Support for more of the same is dropping at a rate of 0.3% in four years?
Should we expect HillaryJohn ClintonsBush to get 98.0%?

Let's face it, we have a party of the fast march to Communism, and a party 
that just wants to get itself elected, and will hop on the Commietrain as
long as it thinks that's the way to minimize its damage from the leftist
press. And a flock of sheeple that will vote for those two no matter what. 



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