Report from near the scene:

Too bad all the media can babble about today is lame stuff about mclame. Being close, I went over in the afternoon for the third session. Jindal and Santorum got the largest crowd noise. It is not unexpected that Santorum had a good welcome. He was the grassroots winner last time around until the establishment/sore ross foisted obummer/mclame on us. I expected Walker to be in the same range, but being the last speaker of the day, a lot of people had gone home. He got a good response, but not as loud or long as the other two. The big surprise for me was gramnesty. The shapeless blob tried to sound like he had grown a spine. Based on actions, and the end of his session when he talked openly about doing whatever it takes to work with the opposition, my impression is that he is still spineless.

I would have liked to have heard what trump and cruz had to say.

Ben Carson had a good following there. Probably a perfect candidate in another time. IMHO, we need a leader that is strong and has a record of success. In those categories, walker stands out, with cruz, trump, perry and perhaps rubio in the next category.

All the others projected the ceo/candidate image. Walker just had on a shirt with no tie, sat in the chair and talked like he was just having a conversation in your living room. Un-candidate like.

King bush III has had no presence or support here outside of Gross Dougie and a few other high dollar republican establishment types. For those who don't know Gross dougie ran for gov a few years ago. He is a big buck shyster, and responsible for installing Gov bumstead for who know how many more years. Bumstead presided over growing the state gooberment to the highest number of gooberment employees per capita of any state; and he said "No casinos." then signed on and promoted casinos. In my thinking bush/gross/bumstead is more of the same socialism.

I'm still waiting for my nobush and noclinton bumper snickers.


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