I believe this video clip shows the actual words Trump said. However, even
this is a "clipped clip" and it seems the news media is failing to post the
full interview... Personally, I'm feeling manipulated. I'd like them to
just give the full facts, I'll make my own choices and decisions.

Regards comment above about rockets on USS Forestall. Here is the info I
have. McCain was not a great pilot. He holds a record for destruction of
American aircraft prior to being shot down. He was a "big ego hotdog" [so
it is said] who practiced a "full flame hot start" that comes from
deliberately over fueling on engine start to give a burst of fire and flame
out the tail pipe on ignition. Story is, McCain did that in the fully armed
fighter stack on the ship. That caused the plane next to and slightly
behind him to cook off the under wing rockets in an UN-commanded rocket
launch down the flight deck, which caught the ship on fire and caused the
greatest loss of life of American sailors since WW2.

Story continues that McCain [son of Admiral McCain] was "Immediately flown
off the ship, even before injured and burned crew members].  I was not
there, so it's only second hand info.. from people who were there, so take
it as that.

There was an inquiry. That is documented record, but sealed details. He was
given a free pass on the incident, and it did not set well with the other
navy pilots or ship crew. He was re-assigned post incident, which in
"military speak" says the brass were not that happy with the inquiry
results, either.

It was after that incident that he was "conveniently" shot down over North
Vietnam. Speculation at the time, and remaining, is that it could have been
"friendly fire". We will never know for sure, Vietnam was happy to hold and
charge him as a "war criminal" and the Navy pilot [if any] that cooked off
a rocket up his tailpipe [if that happened] will never talk.

Post release from North Vietnam, he was charged with aiding and abetting
the enemy, and those complaints can be found in full with a bit of effort.
He was given a Presidential Pardon which quashed those charges [again,
skuttlebutt says Admiral fathers influence saved him from yet another

So, even though I know the man, voted for him, shook his hand on numerous
occasions, and thanked him for his service to the country.. he does not
like me because I always ask ego bruising questions about his present
performance as  Senator and head of the Armed Services Committee. Un-like
Trump.. I ask for his resignation, which really pissed off his ego.

Popcorn and drinks anyone... let us watch the show.. it should be
entertaining for the next 12 months...

Grant... Who has been busy in spare moments preparing his "new" 300CD Coupe
for full restoration. It should be a beauty [in the eyes of the owner, at

PS: I note that Hillary's "tell all book" has for the past 32 weeks been
outsold by the book on Colon Cleansing, however... Just saying..

On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 9:40 PM, Curly McLain via Mercedes <> wrote:

> Anyone listen to the 31 broadcasts McCain made while at the Hanoi Hilton?
>> Over North Vietnam radio?
>> Anyone know that he had charges against him upon his release? Anyone know
>> he got a Presidential Pardon?
>> Yeah.. didn't think so.. Might want to look into just what the guy is
>> really made of.  Trump isn't that far off the mark, if you look at the
>> true
>> facts..
>> Just saying.. Go digging.
>> On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 2:32 PM, Dan Penoff via Mercedes <
>>> wrote:
>>   Or, better said, he handles himself?
>>>  <grin>
>>>   > Dan
>>  >
> Some have said that the rockets going off on the carrier was an attempt at
> fragging aimed at little john.  At any rate, he was NOT well liked in his
> squadron.  Probably not on the float....   Anyone know for sure if the
> rocket that brought mclame down was truly a sam? I don't.  I have not
> researched it.
> I don't think Trump is as historically illiterate as his detractors. I
> have not heard the whole 15 minute interview with trump on Sat.  In
> context, I doubt it was a slam on all veterans, as we have been told, but
> rather a comment just about mclame.
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